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Maths Word of the Week

Maths Word of the Week

This term we will be launching a new initiative to introduce a 'Maths Word of the Week'. Each week, working through the alphabet, we will highlight one mathematical word across the whole school. The aim of the initiative is to develop the children's' mathematical vocabulary; each week the children will be given an opportunity to discuss the meaning of the word and where we may see it used. As the same word will be featured across the whole school some words may be familiar but over the term all of the children will have the chance to develop their mathematical knowledge. Each week the word will be displayed in the hallway of the House, so that you can check it and discuss it.

The first word, Arithmetic, was introduced on Monday, so please ask your children what it means and try to think of other words that may mean the same thing. To get ahead you could even see if they can guess what next week's word maybe be, it will begin with B!


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