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National ISA Athletics Championships, Birmingham - Monday 19th June

National ISA Athletics Championships, Birmingham - Monday 19th June

Sizzling conditions greeted children from 8 ISA English regions to Alexandra Stadium, Birmingham. The children were competing in a full itinerary of track and field events, (9-16 year olds), battling for medals and to be crowned national champions. Ten Gateway athletes qualified to compete for London North; a huge achievement in itself. The weather was not the only thing that was blistering on the day; some performances, at all age levels, were absolutely outstanding and all the medalists and competitors deserve praise for their ability and effort. The heat was intense and the 600m runners found conditions particularly exhausting! It was a tough competition and medal positions were scarce for London North.

There were disappointments: Abi H was placed 3rd in the150m and left waiting for 10 mins for her medal celebration only to be told that she had been placed 4th, with no clear explanation….possibly a photo finish had been needed to separate 3rd and 4th positions? Ryan M also tasted disappointment in a similar fashion, having been placed 3rd in the Year 6 Boys relay and awaiting his medal, only to discover that his team had been disqualified for going 2cm out of the changeover zone! A harsh decision for him, as his changeover had been faultless! The Year 5 girls may have fared a little better in their relay had their 4th runner known more about baton changeovers….something she hadn’t done or practised!

The best performance of the day came in the closing stages of the day when three of our Year 6 girls, running in the 4 x 100m, produced a stunning performance, silky and seamless, as they shot round the track to win gold! 'They Smashed It!’ Gateway and London North spectators shrieked manically and jumping up and down in sheer delight! Thanks, as usual, to all those parents who were available to support on the day.

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