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Nursery children excited by volcano experiment

Nursery children excited by volcano experiment

Our volcano project has come to an end with a big explosion! The experiment provided wonder for the children and enhanced their natural curiosity. They were amazed when they witnessed the volcano erupt.

We have been busy talking about holidays and destinations you might travel to. The children who are on holiday next week were keen to tell their peers where they were going and how they were travelling. As part of a group time activity the children explained their own knowledge of a travel agents and together we brainstormed ideas of how to create our own travel agents in the role play area. During the discussion the idea of passports was introduced, this inspired the children to make their own passports, they took each others photos, printed them (with assistance) and completed their task. They were very proud of their end product and are ready to book their summer holiday!

Next week we will be designing postcards and looking at world flags. On Friday the Nursery children will be participating on a whole school science day, learning about forces.

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