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Nursery children open a 'sweet' shop

Nursery children open a 'sweet' shop

What a busy week! The children have had their performing hats on whilst participating in singing and dancing in preparation for the Christmas production. We were really impressed with their ability to learn dances and new songs! Please look out for costume slips in your child's folder.

Also, the Gateway Sweet Shop is now open! The children have been keen shopkeepers, serving their customers with their desired sweets and handling money in return. In order to solve the problems in this practical context, we have been teaching the children how to use weighing scales, compare quantities and use mathematical language such as more and less to add to 5.

Next week, we will be continuing with our Christmas production rehearsals and expand our practical maths in our sweet shop. At home your child might like to add 1p coins and see which combinations add up to 5p.

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