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Nursery children learn about St George's Day

Nursery children learn about St George's Day

Welcome back after the Easter break, our circle time has been filled with listening about all the lovely holidays and day trips your children have enjoyed.

Throughout our first week back we have been learning about St George’s Day. We used this celebration to find out about some of England's customs and traditions, and also to think about knights and castles and dragons! Looking at castles inspired the children's imaginative play and they took it upon themselves to create their very own castle out of boxes, cardboard tubes and fabric. The outcome was very unique, but turned into a fantastic home for the knight (St George), dragon and princess figures! It was lovely to hear the children contribute their own ideas into the play experience.

Through Tapestry we discovered some children have been busy in the garden at home, we have taken this interest into the Nursery garden by planting sunflower seeds and learning about the life cycle of a sunflower. The children are eager to see their sunflowers grow and are already talking about whose is going to be the tallest! We are hoping that the sunflowers height and quick growth will be fun for the children to watch! Each child will have a turn at being the 'garden monitor' ensuring the sunflowers are watered each day.

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