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Once upon a time in year 1…

Once upon a time in year 1…

Fairy Tales have been the focus this week, with the children learning about and retelling the story of The Little Red Hen. During ICT we created e- puppets of the story characters and brought them to life using the app Puppet Pals, we were able to narrate and record the story as we animated the puppets. We have learnt that there are lots of different ways to present information. In Maths, we have learn to subtract crossing 10. We know that it is easier to count back to ten first and then use our number bonds to 10 to subtract the remainder. We used tens frames, bead strings and number lines to support our understanding. In topic we used junk to create beautiful animal pictures and in science we continued our investigations about materials. R.E. was fascinating because we learnt about the use of prayer beads in a number of religions.

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