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We're thrilled to share some exciting updates from our Digital representatives at Gateway School! Our team has been hard at work experimenting with our brand-new Microbit kits (a pocket-sized computer ideal for anyone looking to get started with electronics or programming/coding), which are set to be officially introduced in Computing lessons for Year 5 and Year 6 students.

The Digital reps have proven to be true trailblazers in exploring the capabilities of these Microbit kits. In fact, they have delved so deeply into their features that they've surpassed even Mr Miles’ knowledge! If you're curious about the impressive functionalities these kits bring to the table, our Digital reps are the go-to experts.

One standout example is a child in Year 6, who has already taken the initiative to explore Python coding for these machines. It's incredible to see the children embracing such advanced programming techniques at an early stage.

We can't wait to witness the enthusiasm and creativity these Microbit kits will ignite in our Y5 and Y6 children during their Computing lessons. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this exciting addition across the curriculum!

Third Thursday Coffee Club

The ‘Third Thursday Coffee Club’ continues to be a popular new addition to our school community. Parents are offered a warm and inviting space to connect and converse every third Thursday of the month after school drop-off. This new tradition provides the perfect setting for parents to enjoy a hot drink, accompanied by pastries, while catching up with parents from across the school. One of the unique features of the Coffee Club is the opportunity to interact with the senior leadership team, providing an open channel for communication and dialogue.

The next gathering is scheduled after half term on Thursday, February 22nd, starting at 8 am and we look forward to welcoming parents then.

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