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Phizz-whizzing Dahl Day

Phizz-whizzing Dahl Day

BFG ears, fluffy fox tails and tangled, food filled beards - what on earth was going on at Gateway School today? Thanks to Miss Cheal and the rest of the teaching staff, the pupils enjoyed a fabulous day of Roald Dahl related fun. Everyone was invited to come in with a prop from one of the famous books and there were some brilliant creations on show.

At different points throughout the day Year 6 performed fantastic vignettes for the rest of the school. One by one the year groups made their way to the hall only to find a very curious scene: Roald Dahl characters slumped, seemingly asleep. It didn't take long for the younger pupils to work out that if they pressed the red button on a character's foot they would spring into life and act out a scene from the story they feature in. There were squeals of delight as Violet Beauregarde (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) had a tantrum and some very surprised pupils who had orders barked at them by Mrs Prachett (from the book Boy)! Other characters included Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda and Boris Bogtrotter and every single Year 6 performer was completely committed to their character and to delivering a fantastic performance every time their red button was pressed.

At lunchtime, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, were surprised with a Golden Ticket competition. Pupils carefully opened the KitKat they were each given and three lucky winners revealed a golden ticket which will give them free entry to the fabulous Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden.

All in all it was a real razztwizzler of a day. Laughter and excitement rippled around school and pupils learned more about English and brilliant, classic tales without even realising they were learning.

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