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Preschool - bang, crackle, pop!

Preschool - bang, crackle, pop!

WOW! What an amazing half term you have all had after looking at all of your photos on Tapestry. It has been lovely to hear and see how busy the children have been during our circle time sessions. Thank you for sharing the photos which we have added onto our planning wheel.

This week, we have focused on settling the children back into Preschool, which has been a smooth transition with lots of smiles and happy faces from everyone. Bubbles the guinea pig has also had a big welcome back, with lots of the children eager to help feed and look after her.

Bang, Crackle, Pop! Our indoor bonfire home corner has been a success. The children helped us to decide what we needed to create our own bonfire in Preschool. After collecting sticks, making our own pretend fire and getting the tickets and the cashier ready, the children were ready to play in their very own bonfire night home corner. They enjoyed role playing mums and dads and taking their babies to the bonfire show. After we watched the fireworks display, the children enjoyed eating edible sparkles and drinking hot chocolate whilst singing songs around the fire. A great afternoon enjoyed by all.

Lastly, we would like to welcome Mrs Dunn, our new Preschool manager. The children have enjoyed getting to know her as she has slowly been getting to know all the children and their families. Mrs Dunn will be collecting the children in the morning so that she can have the opportunity to meet all the parents.

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