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Preschool build their own robots

Preschool build their own robots

This week began with Maxwell showing his peers his Robot he built at home. The children were then challenged to build their own Robot using a variety of construction resources. They used their problem solving skills and imaginative skills to design and build their own robot. The children's models have been displayed in the classroom for you all to see on the open morning.

The weather this week allowed the children the opportunity to carry out a snow experiment! The children collected some snow into a jar and observed how it changed into water. We talked about the cold weather and explored other words for 'cold' expanding the children's vocabulary. It was fantastic to hear the children use some of the words in the correct context. When they went outside to play, a child was heard saying, "It's bitter today'"

Next week, the children will be learning about animal habitats for World Book Day. They will learn all about wild animals and make animal homes.

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