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Preschool children and their new found independence

Preschool children and their new found independence

Children have recapped familiar routines this week and we had interesting discussions about the importance of handwashing and getting rid of all those germs! Children have even been prompting each other before snack and lunch times, which is brilliant to see. Independence in self care is so important in children’s development and the discussion around self care over the last few weeks has helped children’s knowledge and prompted their independence. We hope this new found independence is evident at home too.

We introduced our annual ‘Take One Picture’ topic this week, where our focus has been on castles! Children have already surprised us with their knowledge of castles from familiar stories they know. After seeing the painting and having many circle time discussions, children have shown an interest in dressing up, jousting, flags and horses. Next week, we will be following these interests as we continue our topic.

Preschool had lots of fun as we celebrated our number day. Children took part in lots of fun games and activities. We hope you enjoy looking at all of the exciting photos and observations on Tapestry! Please do add any number/ shape observations from home as these would be great additions to our planning wheel.

We have spoken to the children this week about Preschool rules around bringing in toys from home. Children are now aware that they can bring in a small toy (small enough to fit into a drawer) to Preschool and put it in our ‘toys from home’ box as they come in. Children will then be able to play with their toys when we choose to get the box out. Please ensure that any toys are labelled. This new strategy is similar to boundaries in older year groups and helps to prevent little disagreements around individual toys and sharing.

Thank you for your continued support, have a lovely weekend.

The Preschool Team.

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