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Preschool children become budding scientists

Preschool children become budding scientists

We obviously have some budding scientists in Preschool!

Thank you for all the photographs and videos sent in. The children have enjoyed watching and hearing about the amazing experiments completed during half term.

We have had a busy week with all out 'Take One Picture' activities transporting ourselves back to the 18th century to explore what life was like then.

The children have learnt about life without any electricity or technology and painted some fantastic pictures inspired by the Joseph Wright just with the light from candles.

They tried out some 18th century recipes and made Payn Perdu (french toast) learning about the differences and similarities in the diet then and now. The children were amazed to learn that they weren't any supermarkets.

Following the theme of invention and experimentation we then came back to the 21st century with an introduction to robotics. Mr Love, from tech4primary introduced what robots are, why they were developed and what they are used for. We all had a go at coding and programming the robots so that they followed simple instructions.

Mr Love bought in a 3D printer and amazed the children by printing some mini robots as they watched. The children couldn't believe what they were seeing. A brilliant, engaging and informative afternoon which was enjoyed by all.

Next week we will be continuing with our science theme and having a science day.

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