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Preschool children become little master chefs

Preschool children become little master chefs

The children in Preschool are becoming little master chefs, enjoying their cooking experiences which are based around a different story each week. On Wednesday afternoon the children listened to the story 'Ruby Red, the three Bears and the Very - Berry Breakfast. They were able to tell us that the story reminded them of ''Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' The story was followed up with cooking very - berry breakfast muffins,which I hope your children enjoyed eating at home! We discussed whether the ingredients were healthy or unhealthy and good food choices for breakfast.

The children felt very grown up visiting the school Library where Mrs Kemp showed us how to borrow school books. The children all have their own Library accounts and will be able to take a book of their choice to the classroom. This book will be kept in your child's drawer and accessed at quiet reading time.

Bertie Bear is very excited to be going on his first holiday next week, he is off to Portugal for a well-deserved break! The children are looking forward to hearing all about his adventure and locating his holiday destination on our world map.

Last day of term is next Wednesday 18th October. We hope you all have a lovely half term.

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