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Preschool children get into character to retell 'The Christmas Story'

Preschool children get into character to retell 'The Christmas Story'

The children in Preschool have been getting into character by using costumes and props to retell 'The Christmas Story' which Harriet kindly brought in to share with her peers. The Nativity Corner in Santa's Grotto has encouraged children to join in with role play and understand the real meaning of Christmas. It has been lovely to hear the Children say, 'baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day' in their play and recite the song they learnt for the Christmas production, 'I Have Come With Special News.' Open ended questions such as, "Why do you think Jesus was born in a stable?' encouraged the children's thinking skills and imagination!

Imaginative play has been a continuous theme throughout the week. Our Post Office corner has been well used with endless Christmas letters being posted! Santa has been asked for many iPads, scooters and cars! Writing the letters developed the children's mark making skills and independent writing. Next week, there may be a letter waiting for the Preschool children, responding to their wishes to Santa.

We are hoping to have a 'magical' last week of term full of Christmas activities. We will be focussing on 'The Kindness Elves' and how we can be kind over Christmas. The children will be asked to carry out 'an act of kindness' over the Christmas holidays. If you could please put the evidence of kindness on Tapestry, we can then use this as a basis of discussion in the New Year.

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