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Preschool create their own story 'Princess Daisy and the Brave Knight'

Preschool create their own story 'Princess Daisy and the Brave Knight'

Preschool children have been very busy this week as they continued to explore the Take one Picture topic. They have shown great interest in castles, knights and princesses, which has informed our planning and activities. All of the children have shown amazing creativity in their work and have learnt lots in the process! We hope you’ll be very impressed when you see Preschool artwork in the upcoming exhibition.

Children helped to create their own story this week, based on the TOP painting, which we called ‘Princess Daisy and the Brave Knight’. The story was completely based around the children’s own ideas. We have been hugely impressed with their imagination and understanding of story structure and fairytales. Well done Preschool!

Children really enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday this week. We created lists of ingredients we would need to buy from the shop and transition children then went for a walk to the shop to buy them. They looked carefully at the price of each item and helped to scan each one on the self service checkout and even helped us to pay for the items. The teachers were very proud of the children as they walked beautifully to the shop, followed important instructions and were so sensible crossing the roads. Please do support this interest at home by encouraging children to look at price labels, different coins and make a shopping list when going to the shop.

Just a polite reminder; with the ongoing unpredictable weather set to continue! If your child wears wellies to school, please can you ensure that they have a change of shoes with them. Children find it so much easier to sit cross-legged during carpet time with trainers or shoes on, rather than wellie boots.

Thank you for your continued support, have a lovely weekend!

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