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Preschool - Mini eco-warriors

Preschool - Mini eco-warriors

We have welcomed all our children back after what feels like a very long break. We have been pleased to have some new children join us in Preschool and have helped them settle and get to know us all.

On Thursday it was World Earth Day, and we took this opportunity to talk to the children about what that means to us. We watched a video on the importance of Earth day and then we talked to the children in groups about how they felt about it and why they thought we should look after our planet.

The children said “If you don't look after the environment, the Earth won’t be good.” We talked about the importance of trees and why we should look after them. Another child said “we wouldn't be able to breathe without trees” and that we must keep our Earth clean. This created a conversation about litter and the importance of not dropping rubbish on the floor. One of the children said that “some people don't put things in the bin, they put it on the floor and then I pick it up and put it in the bin”.

This inspired us all to think about how we could help the environment and we decided that we would spend our afternoon going for a litter pick. The children were all so excited to have a litter picker and wear their hi-vis jackets and we thought about what things we should look out for. We then headed to the park to see what litter we could find. The children were amazing at spotting the litter and picking it all up. We even got claps and cheers from local residents in the park who were so happy and proud to see our children being so conscientious and helpful. We were very proud of them all too and the great job they did.

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