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Preschool enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year

Preschool enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year

After a very chilly start to the week, the children were very excited to share their snow stories with us! Lots of children made snowmen and shared their photos with their friends. Thank you for all of the Tapestry posts; we’ve now displayed lots of these on our planning wheel. Please do have a look when you next pop in to Preschool.

Children have really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year with us this week. Amelia shared some beautiful, authentic lucky coin purses with us. The children have shown great interest in new year traditions, they have learnt how to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese and now know why we wear red during the celebrations. Lots of creative activities followed, including making dragons, chinese writing and having a go at using chopsticks to pick up pom poms. The children have been amazing within the chinese restaurant role play area. They have taken on different roles and developed narratives in their play.

Following on the children’s interests, we have also been learning about the ‘Cat in the Hat’ story this week as Ella, Noah and Theo have been to see the stage show. Children noticed the rhymes and the humour in the story and had a go at writing rhyming cvc words on their own paper hat. You can see these displayed in Preschool.

Next week children will be continuing to explore the restaurant role play area. We will also be returning to activities based on ‘Snail and the Whale’, continuing our write dance activities and focusing on numerals (counting groups and finding totals) in maths. Please do continue to add to Tapestry, as these posts help to inform our planning and continue a dialogue between children, home and Preschool.

Many thanks, The Preschool team

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