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Preschool enjoy learning how to cook

Preschool enjoy learning how to cook

Cooking on Whoopee Wednesdays offers a wealth of learning and development as well as a fun experience for the children. We have offered a variety of cooking experiences this half term, including Mrs Mackay’s speciality ‘ Tarte Tatin’. The children have learnt the skill of rubbing in as well as measuring ingredients using the digital scales. They have enjoyed learning how to use a knife safely and the hygiene routines associated with cooking. Poppy and Marnie have confidently made pastry recalling each step and have helped the younger children to become involved.

The Starfish and Jellyfish children have been experiencing phonics through the SALLEY programme (Structured activities for language and learning in the early years) which offers a gentle introduction to phonics and the skills associated with sitting and learning to listen. Additionally we have been playing games to introduce colour, shape and numbers.

We went on a listening walk around the school asking the children to listen and identify the sounds they were hearing. Xavier was excited to hear an aeroplane in the sky and Lara heard the older children’s skipping ropes banging on the floor.

A child’s ability to actively listen has a major impact on building the communication skills needed both inside and outside of the classroom. Active listening is an important ‘softskill’. At home please encourage listening games, whether this be when enjoying a walk or inside your home listening to everyday noises.

Following on from Harvest Festival this week we will be sharing the story,’The Little Red Hen’ and making bread in our cooking activity next week.

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