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Preschool enjoy the changes that Autumn brings

Preschool enjoy the changes that Autumn brings

In Preschool we have been enjoying the changes Autumn brings. The children had fun going on an Autumn walk looking for conkers and exploring the changing colours of the leaves. We have been thinking about the weather and how this affects us and the animals and birds around us.

A trip to the recycling area in Great Missenden was very interesting and the children met a lady there who asked them for their help in sorting her rubbish. They were all intrigued and asked lots of questions - “What is your name?” “ Where do you live?” It would be great to hear if your child is taking their learning home and asking about recycling of helping to recycle your household rubbish.

At snack time the main point of discussion has been pets and discussing their pets’ names. Please bring in any photos of your pets for our display. Together we will be learning how to care for different pets and their individual needs. We will begin sharing the guinea pig responsibilities between the children encouraging them to understand how important each job is to the well being of the animals.

We hope you have managed to look through the homework sheets and bedtime books and are finding them useful.

Next week the children will continue to learn about recycling as well as focussing on emotions and expressing how they are feeling. The role play area is going to be transformed into a magical castle where princesses, princes, knights and dragons will be found playing!

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