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Preschool enjoy water play

Preschool enjoy water play

As the Summer days come and go the children have had a variety of experiences over the past couple of weeks exploring wind, sun and rain! They had a fun sensory week when we had our mini heatwave. The glorious weather has provided a great opportunity to keep the children cool through water play. Water play is both enjoyable and educational. It helps children explore both maths and science concepts. Whilst filling tubes of a variety of sizes, exploring with funnels and different containers, the children worked collaboratively to fill all containers as full as possible. Excitement bubbled over as Zach screeched, 'It's overflowing' repeatedly, whilst Adeline eagerly tried to empty some of the water to prevent this from happening. The children increased their fine motor skills and hand eye co -ordination through actions such as pouring, squirting, squeezing and stirring. All these essential skills will help the children master their pincer grip in mark making experiences. After a morning of endless water play, in the paddling pool and on the slip and slide the children learnt a new word, 'drenched'!

The children have also explored other sensory textures whilst bringing 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' to life. They 'squelched, squerched' through the mud and were surprised to see Mr Butler in the bears cave. This week our favourite story has been 'The Gingerbread Man'. We discussed the characters in the story and re-enacted the story outside.

We ended our week with a lovely Teddy Bears Picnic for the transition children. We can't believe how quickly the weeks have passed and it is nearly time to say farewell to our transition children and Preschool leavers. Next week we will continue with transition and 'getting ready for school' activities.

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