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Preschool children explore 'similarities' and 'differences'

Preschool children explore 'similarities' and 'differences'

This week we have been exploring 'same' and 'different' in Preschool by looking at similarities and differences between ourselves and our peers. During circle time we spoke about food, toys and activities that we enjoy and discovered that everyone likes different things! Children learnt the word 'unique' and have begun to understand that we have different physical features including eye and hair colour. After reading 'Superkids', children were inspired to think about their own super powers and strengths. When asked what they are good at, children's comments varied: 'I am good at drawing', said Evie. 'I am good at helping' said Grayson. We listed each child's unique superpower and will be displaying these around the classroom.

Linked with being unique this week, children enjoyed learning about the Holi festival of colour. We watched a clip about how a young boy and his family joined in with the colourful celebrations. We then had a very creative afternoon in Preschool; making rangoli patterns, ribbon dancing to traditional music and splatter painting! Lots of fun was had!

Children really enjoyed joining in with 'Sport Relief' activities this week. Their thoughtful comments have shown that they are developing a good understanding of helping people less fortunate than ourselves and have taken pride in taking part in a charitable event. 'Some people don't have vegetables', commented Zach. 'It helps other people who don't have anything', said Lara.

Children completed up to four laps of the new running track on the field during PE lessons this week for Sport Relief! We hope you enjoy seeing the photos on Tapestry. Please add any sports activities children take part in outside of school to Tapestry, we'd love to see them.

Next week we will begin to think about the changing season from winter to spring. Children will go on spring walks around the grounds. Children will have a go at planting seeds and sequencing life cycles.

Have a lovely weekend.

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