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Preschool - exploring rhyme and talking about kindness

Preschool - exploring rhyme and talking about kindness

Earlier this week some of the Preschool children were proudly telling us about the poems their siblings have been practising. They showed a great interest in them so we decided to follow this interest and join in with the school poetry week. To do this we have been looking at rhyme.

We read lots of books, sang songs, and recreated familiar rhyming stories with the children. We explored rhyming words and the children were very good at recognising them, and even independently identifying rhyming words in their play.

This week is was also anti-bullying week so in Preschool we have been talking about being kind and how we can be kind to each other. We played a game where we all sat round in a group and said something that we liked about each other. It was lovely to hear the comments that the children made about each other and we all agreed that it feels really nice when someone says something kind to you. We also talked about how we can show kindness to make someone feel better if they are sad. Evie said that we could give them a cuddle, and Benji said you could share your toys with them.

We practised our scissor skills by doing lots of cutting and sticking and in phonics, we practised our letter “d” by painting the letter on large paper on the floor. The Preschool dinosaurs had a lot of fun stomping through the paint and joining in with our painting too, so much so that they all needed a bath afterwards so the children gave them all a good wash.

Finally, we would like to thank all the parents who sent books in this week to share with us. We had so many and it was lovely to read them with the children. We always enjoy reading a new story so if your child would like to share their favourite, we are always happy to read them in Preschool.

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