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Preschool - Food glorious food

Preschool - Food glorious food

This week, in Preschool, the children have been learning about different food groups. We discussed the different food that the children like to eat and then talked about why we eat food. We had great contributions from the children who had ideas like “to grow”, “to be strong”, “to be healthy” and “so we don't get hungry”. After this, we looked at different items of food and identified which groups they belong to. The children learnt which food groups there are; for example, carbohydrate, protein, fruit and vegetables, dairy and treats/sugars. We recognised that a lot of our food should be healthy food and the children were able to sort items of food into the correct group. We had a cafe in our home corner and the children enjoyed making ‘cakes’ and ‘tea’ and serving food to their friends.

We have ‘number day’ today and for this we have had lots of fun number activities. We also learned about Captain Tom and his amazing achievements. With him as inspiration, we have been counting to 100, and practising writing numbers in 10’s and 100. We had a number hunt, where we found numbers hidden in the garden, and then we created our own number line using the numbers we had found. The children were really good at identifying numbers and where they came in the line.

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