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Preschool - Getting ready for next steps

Preschool - Getting ready for next steps

Preschool has had lots of fun exploring the brilliant outdoors in the sun over the past couple of weeks. We visited Forest School and shared several stories in the sun with the Reception Class. We’ve enjoyed picnic-style snacks, team games with the parachute and lots and lots of water play, from bathing babies to practising our throwing and catching skills with water balloons.

‘Transition’ has been a ‘hot topic’ too within the room, getting our pre-reception group ready for the next steps in their academic journeys. We have been discussing things we are looking forward to and sharing any worries so we can work through them together. This also means we have been seeing a lot of the current Reception cohort in order to learn from them how to be brilliant learners through shared garden time and books!

We have been exploring ‘Around the World’, looking at different countries and their flags and things we need to bring with us if we go away on holiday. With this, we have been looking at different places, people and cultures to widen our understanding of the world around us. We have designed our own flags which are now hanging up proudly in our classroom and made passports ready for our role-play journeys.

In PE, we have been getting ready for our exciting sports day events, practising aiming and throwing, taking it in turns for a relay race and even practising putting on hats and sunglasses - we are so excited for the big day!

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