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Preschool hear the story about Rocco the rabbit

Preschool hear the story about Rocco the rabbit

We have been busy bees this week in Preschool. Our rhyme of the week took a turning point and the children chose a story called 'Blast Off'! The story is about a rabbit called Rocco who wants to be the the first animal in space, but there's only room for one in the spaceship. The children joined in with the excitement of the story, counting down from 10 to 0 to find out which animal would be the lucky space traveller.

All of the animal's names in the story were alliterative, for example, 'Jim Giraffe'. The children had fun playing with sounds and thinking of silly words that have the same sound of the initial letter in their name, they even thought of words for their teachers. They came up with 'Flying Fisher' Wacky Winfield' 'Munching Mackay and 'Amazing Atieno'!

Due to the high level of enjoyment during our alliteration activity, next week we are going to have an alliteration picnic. The children will be helping to prepare the picnic with a range of colourful foods such as, 'tasty tomatoes' leafy lettuce' 'sassy strawberries' etc. The children will then need to use their problem solving skills, to work out how many plates, cups, and spaces at the table they need for their picnic.

We will also be revealing the painting that has been chosen for this year's 'Take One Picture'!

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