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Preschool - Hunting for pirate treasure

Preschool - Hunting for pirate treasure

This week we have been following the children’s interests in maps. We looked at Google maps to see our school’s location and where each child lives. We talked about our houses, the similarities and differences of the areas around us. After this, we decided to go for a walk in Great Missenden to see what key points we could identify from the maps, such as roads and roundabouts. We looked for, and found, the sign for the train station, the church and the library.

Later in the week, the children took part in a treasure hunt around the school. Pirates had left letters around the school and had challenged us to find them all and complete the challenge using only a map and photo guide.

The children had to use their knowledge of the school to find the letters and work together as a team to complete the challenge. They collected all the letters and discovered that they made the word ‘Preschool’. Everyone was so excited to finish the pirate map challenge, find the treasure chest and collect the treasure!

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