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Preschool learn about nutritious eating habits

Preschool learn about nutritious eating habits

This week, the children have been learning about nutritious eating habits with a vibrant, fun and colourful craft activity. They have made a food rainbow and learnt about the health benefits of the different colour groups. At snack time we have been talking about eating one item from each colour of the rainbow. Through discussion at the snack table the children now know that any green foods that they are eat are good for their bones! This activity has helped the children learn that fruits and vegetables can be just as colourful and exciting to eat as sugary snacks. There was lots of excitement at the thought of ‘eating a rainbow’.

The children searched for gardening and growing books when we visited the Library on Tuesday afternoon. We are extending our Rainbow theme into our garden, attempting to plant and grow as many different coloured fruits and vegetables as we can. If you would like to come and help us with this, please speak to a member of staff in Preschool.

Next week, we will continue to discuss the different coloured food groups. If you go to the supermarket this weekend with your child they may like to choose one coloured fruit or vegetable to bring into Preschool. We will then talk about the item at school and share it at snack time.

Easter activities will be in full swing next week. We are planning an egg hunt in the school grounds, as well as craft and cooking activities.

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