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Preschool learn about the countries in the World Cup

Preschool learn about the countries in the World Cup

The World Cup celebrations have begun in Preschool this week. As Russia are hosting this event we have begun learning about this country. We have looked at where Russia is on the map and have googled interesting facts about the country. Next week we will be finding out about Brazil and how its culture and traditions compare to ours.

Miss Brennan has been playing World Cup Bingo in her English sessions this week. Whist playing the game the children discussed what knowledge they already have about football and the World Cup. They have been introduced to new vocabulary related to this topic, including: referee, red card/yellow card, and trophies. There was lots of interest in the concept of the rules surrounding the red and yellow cards. They were surprised that you could get sent off a football pitch for making bad choices!

The children have been learning about their 5 senses, they went for a walk in the Farmer’s field focussing on the sense of sight and hearing. We followed this on with a tasting session which related to the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. As well as encouraging healthy eating, the children learnt about how to handle knives, safety practices and ICT skills by making smoothies with the fruit from the story. Using a Nutri Bullet and discovering how it operates developed the children’s curiosity about how things work. The children used descriptive language to describe the taste of their smoothies such as, ‘cold’ ‘delicious’ along with a few ‘disgustings’!

We will continue to talk about our senses next week by exploring the senses of touch and smell.

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