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Preschool learn about 'Our World'

Preschool learn about 'Our World'

The Preschool children have had a swashbuckling fun time on the pirate ship this week. Jayden's backpack full of treasure inspired others to join in with his play and together the children built their very own ship, using wooden blocks. 'Ahoy' and 'walk the plank' have been popular phrases used by the children throughout their play!

Bertie Bear's suitcase is packed and this year he even has his very own passport! If you are going on holiday and would like to take Bertie Bear away with you please speak to one of the Preschool staff. We would like to fill up our 'Travelling with Bertie' display with lots of exciting photos throughout the year. This will help support the children's learning about 'Our World'.

Next week we are going to be talking about 'Harvest', learning about how our food grows and where it comes from. The children can contribute to the Harvest food boxes next week if they wish to.

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