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Preschool - Lollipops and rainbows

Preschool - Lollipops and rainbows

Last week the Preschool children went on a walk and Mrs Winfield encouraged them to look at the signs they saw along the way. We took pictures and talked about what the signs meant, and then this week we used the signs to transform our garden space, with roundabouts, crossings, and construction zones. To support this topic, Daisy, the School’s lollipop lady came in on Tuesday and talked to the children about what she does. They were all fascinated by her talk and had some really good questions and observations. A few of the children recognised that Daisy helps them to cross the road safely, with one of the children also saying that they must not cross when Daisy does, but wait until she signals them over. Daisy was even kind enough to let the children try holding her lollipop stick! On Tuesday afternoon, the children went back out to discover the now familiar signs and were given the opportunity to consolidate their learning.

On Monday, the Preschool staff hosted a live storytelling event where Miss Atieno read the ‘Rainbow Fish’ story, helped by some of the children. This led to a science experiment where Miss Atieno made a rainbow in a jar. The activity was repeated in session, with the children being allowed to discuss the components of the rainbow and offer their own suggestions as to why things worked, and how we could try other ways. The children were particularly interested in the addition of glitter and how this would affect the experiment. We tried different ways of making the rainbow, including using only water, which allowed the children to hypothesise why this wouldn't and didn't work.

With St Patrick's day on Wednesday, we took the opportunity to engage in some Irish activities which the children enjoyed and this fitted perfectly into our rainbow theme. Then Mrs Mackay found a little fairy door in the Preschool garden! The children were fascinated by this and they worked together to create a garden for the new fairy inhabitants. What an exciting way to end another wonderful week at Gateway Preschool.

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