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Preschool notice the changes in the weather

Preschool notice the changes in the weather

This week in Preschool, children noticed the changes in the weather, particularly how windy it has been as storm Gareth arrived! Children explored the weather during their outside play this week, noticing the affect the wind has on our environment and resources. Alexander even bought in a wind-catcher that he had made at forest school. This experience of the weather encouraged children to explore their sense of touch and sound as they felt the wind on their faces and in their hair. Children used descriptive vocabulary to express how the wind sounded and how it made them feel. Emily said: “It blowed my hair right up!” Ava commented: “It sounds like a owl hooting. When I woke up I heard the wind, it was like a owl.”

Children have had lots of opportunities to explore numbers this week, including: singing number songs, ordering numbers and practising number formation. Children have been doing amazingly well with their number recognition and this is something you can continue to encourage at home and in the local environment. Encourage children to look at prices when shopping, signs on the street, numbers of buses etc. Please do post any of your child’s number recognition opportunities on to Tapestry as we will continue this next week.

A big thank you to parents and carers we’ve had into Preschool recently to support the children in different activities. Thank you to Ava’s Grandad, Marnie’s mum and Monty’s mum for some lovely recent learning opportunities. The children really do benefit from having visitors and different experiences at Preschool. Children would now be interested to learn about different ways of life and different jobs that people do. Please do speak to the member of the team if you’d like to get involved.

A polite reminder that if your child is potty training, please ensure that they have a named bag with named spare clothes inside. Jogging bottoms are best, as they allow children to be more independent in their self care. If your child happens to have a toileting accident and borrows our Preschool clothes, please ensure that they are returned to us as soon as possible so that they are available for other children to access. Toileting accidents do happen as the children become confident in their self care and we want to ensure they can be as independent as possible in changing themselves.

We look forward to catching up with you next week at our Parents Evenings.

Thank you for your continued support, The Preschool Team.

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