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Preschool play with words

Preschool play with words

Preschool have been enjoying playing with words this week.

We have been exploring alliteration and rhyme with the children attempting to say silly tongue twisters as fast as they could before making up their own.

We all had fun at our perfect Preschool picnic. The children used their knowledge of alliteration to come up with the names of the fruit. We had, super, sweet strawberries, big, bendy bananas, beautiful, bouncy, blueberries, Maxwell's marvellous, mango, perfect, plump passion fruit and kicking, kangaroo kiwi. The activity encouraged lots of discussion and play with words.

Everyone helped to prepare the fruit and learnt about using knives safely and how best to cut up the fruit. We had some adventurous children trying fruit they hadn't previously eaten.

Sharing and turn taking has also been a focus this week and we would like to ask for your help in assisting the children with this skill. If your child would like to bring in a toy from home please label it and remind them that it has to fit in their drawer. The children know that if the toy is special to them and they don't want others to play with it then it must be kept safely in their drawer.

We hope you all enjoy half term and we are excited to see and hear all about your scientific experiments.

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