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Preschool - please and thank you!

Preschool - please and thank you!

Please and thank you has been the theme of the week! We began by sharing the book ‘Please and Thank You’ and learnt the rhyme, ‘Always smile and be friendly. Be kind and helpful, too. And never, ever forget to say “please” and “thank you”. We will be using this rhyme to remind the children of good manners, and we hope they will begin repeating this at home. This led into a circle time session focusing on sharing and turn taking with Xavier and Benji reminding their friends to use a sand timer to share the toys. Please do use any opportunities to reinforce this learning at home. Pictures on Tapestry would be lovely, as we can then celebrate any achievements with all the children. Earning a marble in Preschool is still a big event and used to reward desired behaviour. Please ask your child if they have received one.

Preschool enjoyed the lovely weather with a visit to the field, searching for sticks, leaves and natural resources to help us reenact the story ‘We’re Going on A Bear Hunt’. They enjoyed a lovely imaginative fun afternoon, taking it in turns to be the bear. Please let us know any favorite stories enjoyed at home, which we can then read and share together in Preschool.

As the weather changes, we will begin exploring Autumn. So please make sure that appropriate clothing is in Preschool as we will go out in all weather. At home you may like to search for conkers, pine cones or bright coloured leaves and bring them into Preschool.

Next week, we will be focusing on Autumn, changes to our environment and exploring the outdoors.

Please don't forget to share your child’s family photos with us to add to our family tree display.

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