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Preschool prepare for Father's Day

Preschool prepare for Father's Day

It’s been a creative week in Preschool, with children working very hard to create surprises for Father’s Day. They have been busy footprint painting, collaging and creating some beautiful writing. The children enjoyed circle time where they all shared how Daddy or Grandad helps and plays with them at home. They all had some wonderful ideas and it sounds like they are all looking forward to joining in with Father’s Day celebrations over the weekend.

It hasn’t felt much like June this week as the wet weather really set in! It has been a talking point for the children however, and we’ve made the most of all the learning opportunities! Children have taken turns to dress in waterproof clothing and wellies to explore the colossal puddles! We even looked up different words for ‘big’ to describe the size of the puddles. Children came up with ‘humongous, enormous and massive.’ They have really enjoyed looking at weather forecasts this week to find out when the rainy weather was due. Children then had a go at creating their own visual weather forecasts by drawing different weather types and writing numbers on their chart to represent what time it was due. You may want to extend this interest at home by watching a weather report together or looking on the internet for updates.

Children have also enjoyed role playing ‘schools’ this week where they have been able to try on uniforms, write in exercise books and take turns in being the teacher. There are some lovely photos of their role play on Tapestry.

Next week, children will continue to take part in transition activities. Please do ensure that your child has spare socks to change into as they may get wet in this rainy weather.

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