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Preschool recreate the Great Wall of China!

Preschool recreate the Great Wall of China!

It’s been another busy week in Preschool! Children have been learning all about Chinese New Year and the celebrations that will be happening all around the world this weekend. We have learnt many facts, including: that we wear red for luck, we give lucky money purses to each other and clean our houses ready for the celebrations. We have compared these celebrations to others such as Eid and Christmas. Children were fascinated by the story of the Jade Emperor and the animal race and we all agreed that the rat shouldn’t have cheated in order to win! The children even competed in their own animal race and we ordered the animals from 1st to 12th place. Children helped to make a spectacular Great Wall of China, using the big bricks and lots of teamwork!

In Maths, children have continued to explore shapes by making collages of Chinese New Year dragons, wintery penguins and igloos. As they created their pictures, children used fantastic mathematical language to describe the shapes and really considered the placement of each shape before they glued it down. This can be supported at home by exploring 2d and 3d shapes in the environment. In phonics this week, children have learnt all about the letter sounds ‘c’ and ‘k’ and they have practised blending CVC words in practical ways.

Next week we will be exploring our new story ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen. All Preschool children will be involved in lots of lovely activities linked to this story next week, so do look out for the updates on Tapestry.

A polite reminder to ensure your child always has a full spare set of clothes in a bag on their peg, as this makes it much easier for swift and independent changes should the children spill a drink or splash themselves whilst hand-washing.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Preschool Team.

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