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Preschool - Teddy Bear picnic and fresh lemonade

Preschool - Teddy Bear picnic and fresh lemonade

So we have come to the end of the year, and what a lovely, busy year it has been here in Preschool. We have welcomed lots of amazing children into our room, had some fantastic adventures and plenty of fun!

There have been so many challenges in the world since we started in September, but we have been lucky to have been able to continue to provide care and education for our children despite the restrictions.

We will be sad to say goodbye to our leavers, but it will be lovely to have so many of them continue at Gateway School, over in Reception. On Tuesday they all thoroughly enjoyed their transition morning with Mrs Vyas and Miss Burns. They loved their teddy bear picnic, making masks and listening to stories. When I asked them what their favourite thing was Ingrid, Otis and Emilia said it was the colouring, George and Benji liked playing with the cars the best, Evie liked her teddy gift, Otis liked the teddy cakes at snack and Mia liked everything!

Meanwhile, in the Preschool room, Miss Noakes came in to meet the children that are staying. They made emotion monsters, did some painting and enjoyed stories. They were all very excited to meet her and welcome her into Preschool.

We finished the week by having a real lemonade kitchen. We planned this by taking the children up to the fruit and vegetable shop on the high street. We looked at all the lovely fruit and veg they had and bought lots of lemons to make our fresh lemonade. We also bought a dragon fruit which we tried at snack time. The children followed a recipe, juicing the lemons and adding the sugar and water to make their lemonade. We then had it to drink at snack time, it was delicious!!

Finally, we wanted to have a send off for all our children, so you should have received an email with an invitation to our end of year party on Wednesday. We are so excited to be able to have a way to celebrate with the children, even though we are unable to have parents this year, we hope the children all have a great time! If you have any questions about the party, please email Mrs Dunn, or call 01494 867805.

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