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Preschool - Telling time and French feelings

Preschool - Telling time and French feelings

This week in Preschool we have been talking about time. In our Millie and Molly story, the characters were on a bike ride and had to be home at 12 o’clock for lunch. We discussed the routines and timings we have at Preschool as well as familiar times at home. The children talked about what time they have dinner at home, wake up and go to bed. Some of the children then looked at how we can identify these times on a clock. We looked at the hands on the clock and learned that when the big hand is on the 12, that means it’s o’clock, and the small hand shows what hour it is. Using this information, the children were able to change the clock to show a particular time that was of relevance to them and tell us what happens at that time. They were also able to recognise when it was break and lunch time on our real clock by seeing when the hands were in the correct positions.

For our Chit Chat Tuesday, we read the Three Little Pigs story. Miss Islam talked to the children about the story and the different houses that the pigs made. The children then had the opportunity to try and build a house like the little pigs using ‘straw’, sticks or bricks. On our Wonderful Wednesday, we went on a ‘train ride’! We made tickets and wore labels depending on whether we were passengers or attendants. The children practised their mark making by writing labels, and the prices on the tickets, as well as using their imagination to take us to some very exotic destinations!

Madame Morrall visited Preschool this week and the children learnt how to say how they feel in French: well, unwell or so-so. They talked about how they were feeling by repeating the expression or showing this with their thumb. For the children who are not in Preschool currently, Madame Morrall will be uploading the French lessons on to Google Classroom. If your child was not in on Monday (or if you would like to have a go at home) you are welcome to have a look on Google Classroom. If you have any problems accessing the lessons, please let us know. We will continue with this whilst the rest of the school are learning remotely.

For the children who are staying at home, we have been sending resources that we hope are useful. Please do let us know if you are having any issues accessing these or if you would like more resources sent home.

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