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Preschool think about the colours of a rainbow

Preschool think about the colours of a rainbow

With the glimpse of sunshine we have seen this week and the warmer weather approaching the children appear to have a new sense of excitement, moving on from the freezing cold weather. A few children have decided it is time to get out their sunhats and sunglasses! Their eagerness inspired us to talk about different types of weather, Matilda told her peers, "When it is raining and sunny you get a rainbow." The room filled with excited chatter as we talked about the colours of the rainbow, treasure and pots of gold.

The children enjoyed a spontaneous activity, matching fruit loops to the colours of the Rainbow.

Next week we will use the children's interest in 'rainbows' to continue on with personal health and begin discussing nutrition and the importance of eating a “rainbow” of growing food. We will research a variety of vegetables and give the children the opportunity to choose what vegetables they would like to grow in our garden.

I would like to thank all the parents for your support with our Take One Picture project. The children's work looks fantastic in the hall. I hope you will all get the opportunity to see it today or tomorrow morning.

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