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Preschool 'Understand the World' with lots of cooking and creative activities

Preschool 'Understand the World' with lots of cooking and creative activities

It has been a busy, busy week in Preschool!

We have had the opportunity to focus on the curriculum area, ‘Understanding the World’ with lots of cooking and creative activities.

The children learnt about firework safety and how to keep themselves safe around fireworks. They made some fantastic glitter pictures as well as designing their own rockets. Lots of glue and glitter were involved. Mrs Winfield and Mrs Mackay helped the children to make bonfire toffee apples. The toffee was a great success and the children were fascinated at how the sugar and water changed as it got hot and then hardened as it cooled. However, preschools saucepan will never be the same again!

The Hindu festival of light, Diwali gave us the opportunity to listen to the story of Rama and Sita and then make Diva lamps. We were amazed at some of the detail and use of colour the children used when decorating their clay lamps. Once they are dry we will be sending them home for you to enjoy.

On Friday we focused on Remembrance Day and the children joined in with many different activities. They noticed that the adults were wearing poppies and we discussed why the poppy is a symbol of remembrance.

We would love to see any of your fireworks or Diwali pictures.

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