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Purposeful Collaboration

Purposeful Collaboration

In Preschool, a lot of activities this week have involved collaboration, where the children have learnt about the value of teamwork through play. From sorting foods together to counting objects as a group, these experiences have laid the foundations for strong social bonds.

Collaboration has been at the forefront of activities for Reception this week. Whether it was crafting fire engines, role-playing as healthcare professionals, or reaching out to the community, our Reception class embraced the value of teamwork. They also welcomed special guests, Mr Dyson, our resident school farmer, and our school nurse, Mrs Clarke. The children had the unique opportunity to explore the roles of these community heroes, asking questions and gaining insights into the wonders of farming and healthcare.

In Year 1 students are collaboratively bridging the gap in addition and subtraction, forming a strong foundation for future mathematical adventures.

For Year 2 in their newly introduced India topic, collaboration took centre stage as the children engaged with various artefacts strategically placed around the classroom. Through discussions, they shared their existing knowledge about India, such as its climate and flag colours. To deepen their understanding, they formulated questions to guide their exploration throughout the unit. Questions like "How do people travel around India?" and "What do people eat?", demonstrating a collaborative approach to learning.

Year 3 are learning about Ancient Greece this term. The religion of the Ancient Greeks revolved around gods characterised by jealousy, selfishness, and fickleness. Our exploration of this has not only been a lesson in mythology but also an exercise in understanding diverse perspectives. Through purposeful collaboration, we've dissected the intricacies of these divine narratives.

In Maths, Year 4 have taken a delicious approach to learning fractions – with doughnuts! The children have been using these tasty treats to explore the concept of fractions in a fun and engaging way. The collaborative spirit shone as they worked together to try and cut the doughnut into 8 pieces with only 3 cuts. Not only are they mastering Maths skills, but they're also learning the importance of teamwork and communication.

Teamwork has been a cornerstone of the Stone Age expedition for Year 5. From constructing timelines to unravelling the mysteries of artefacts, the children have thrived in a collaborative learning environment.This spirit of collaboration also extended beyond history into the realm of computing. Adobe Express has become a canvas for their creativity as they independently navigate its functions. Currently, the students are utilising this software to craft multimedia presentations on Stone Age tools. The incorporation of music, voiceovers, photos, and animations not only makes their presentations informative but also showcases the power of purposeful collaboration.

In the realm of science, Year 6 have been contemplating the concept of inheritance and the role of selective breeding in shaping the characteristics of different dog breeds. A highlight of this unit was the collaborative effort showcased by some students who went above and beyond, creating cross-breed dog presentations complete with voiceovers, photos, and animations.

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