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Raising awareness, fundraising and fun

Raising awareness, fundraising and fun

Gateway School pupils are always really enthusiastic in their support of charities and initiatives and this half term we have a wide range of thought provoking and fun events planned.

Today, pupils throughout the school wore mufti and ‘paid’ by donating a jar of sweets. Those jars will be used as part of the Friends of Gateway Christmas Fair fundraiser on Saturday 27 November. Next week, on Monday we are launching the beginning of Anti-bullying week with Odd Socks Day on Monday. As part of our continued focus on whole school wellbeing, pupils will be celebrating differences and reinforcing the great work they've done so far to create ‘Our 5 Golden Rules’. If you’ve not heard about these yet, ask your child(ren) and they’ll be able to explain how pupils use the golden rules to help make the right choices.

We are all looking forward to the School Council’s fundraiser next Friday where pupils are invited to dress up as a personal hero to raise money for the Chiltern Air Ambulance service. In addition to all this, boxes are starting to arrive for the Rotary Shoebox scheme. All of these events and activities really help promote pupil leadership and empowerment, support wellbeing and they provide plenty of opportunity for discussion, empathy and understanding about the wider world. They are of course also an awful lot of fun!

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