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Reception - estimating and forces

Reception - estimating and forces

The rather wet and soggy start to the second half of the term hasn’t stopped the children in Reception from having a fun filled week! We have been investigating forces by going on a push and pull hunt around the school environment. The children identified lots of everyday objects and activities where they need to use these forces, my favourite one being ‘pulling a wellington boot that is stuck in some mud!”

Another favourite area of learning has been ‘estimation’. The children had great fun estimating how many cheerios would fit in a handprint, how many drops of water will it take to fill a spot and how many marshmallows were in the estimation jar! We have had some very accurate estimations with lots of mathematical language used in class discussions and independent play such as more than, less than, greater, fewer, counting on and estimate. Why not take the learning to your home and have a go at estimating a variety of objects at home eg. how many forks in the cutlery drawer, how many socks are in the drawer, or how many toys in the toy cupboard. Make a guess, then check how accurate you are by counting.

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you all on Monday!

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