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Reception - A cracking half term

Reception - A cracking half term

Reception were very lucky to have eggs in the classroom (courtesy of Mr Dyson). The children made sure to turn them every lunchtime for a whole three weeks. There was lots of discussion about how the chicks grow inside the egg and about how the chicks use their tooth beak to crack the egg. The chicks were so excited to meet the Reception children that they hatched whilst the children were at school! The children took lots of care of the chicks and were able to handle them so carefully that some of the chicks fell asleep in their hands. After half term the children were so curious as to how the chicks were getting on that they wanted to write letters to Mr Dyson to ask him how they were. To their delight, Mr Dyson brought the chicks in for a day. The children compared the chicks to how they had looked the last time the class had seen them and they could see that some of them were now growing feathers. The chicks were also a lot quicker, so quick that we couldn’t hold them this time.

We also had the Jubilee celebrations where the children spent lots of time practising their singing and maypole dancing. All the children were very excited about the Jubilee celebrations, (especially the picnic) and they had lots of fun completing a corgi trail, pebble painting and activities organised by the Year 6’s.

In Reception we have started our new topic of Under the Sea, just in time for World Ocean Day. Whilst learning about World Ocean Day the topic of conversation moved onto plastic and the sea. The children decided that for their Forest Schools they wanted to go litter picking around the school and along the pathway at the back of the school. They found lots of litter and some of the children have even continued their litter picking outside of school too. It is so lovely to hear that they are looking after their environment.

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