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Reception children explore car parts

Reception children explore car parts

The week started with a really nice opportunity for the whole school to celebrate Harvest and we would like to thank you for your kind donations. The children really enjoyed singing ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’ and ‘Autumn Days’. The author John Burningham has inspired us this week. ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ and ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’ have provided Reception with many numeracy activities. We have used the interactive whiteboard to focus on ordinal numbers and repeating patterns with some of us having a go at designing our own. We carried on the theme of patterns in our Forest School activity on Thursday using natural materials the children found down on the field. They enjoyed taking photos of their own creations using the iPad. In Science we have been looking at parts of a car and what makes them move. The children then looked closely at Miss McCarthy's car and went on a search for a variety different parts by matching a photograph to the real thing.

Next week in R.E. we are continuing to focus on Harvest and the children will be invited to make their own bread. We will also be looking at a story called 'The Magic Bed', encouraging the children to use their imagination and pretend they are going on a journey on a magic bed.

At home you might like to focus on addition and the language such as one more, add, plus, how many, count on and total. If you hear your child talk about number sentences then this is what they would be referring to: 4+1=5 or 8+1=9. Please use this terminology as much as possible at home so that the same vocabulary is being reinforced all the time.

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