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Reception children get active

Reception children get active

Summer seems to be finally here! The children have been enjoying the sunny days down on the field with their friends at playtime. It has been lovely to watch them all engaged in imaginative and chasing games with their peers whilst sporting a grin from ear to ear. The PE lessons have been focusing on the upcoming sports day which will be held on Tuesday 27 June and the children are very excited to show off some of their skills they have been practising throughout the year. We have continued to learn about the rainforests from around the world and the children have enjoyed finding out about the Rafflesia, a very smelly plant and the Titan Arum plant which only flowers once every 7 years! Some of the children have been so interested in these plants that they have even used the iPad to look up more information and pictures to further their knowledge and understanding. Our week finished off very nicely with the final trip of the year to Whipsnade Zoo. The weather was great, the children were very well behaved and a fun day out with the animals was had by all.

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