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Reception children make dinosaur fossils

Reception children make dinosaur fossils

Reception make their own fossilsThis week we have enjoyed listening to our story of the week ‘Dinosaurs and all the rubbish’ by Michael Foreman. We had to listen carefully so that we could order the words and phrases in the first part of the story during our English lesson. We looked closely at the capital letters and full stops to help us make each sentence make sense. We also talked about the importance of looking after our planet and what we can do to care for Planet Earth. Lots of the children told us about the recycling of cans, bottles and card that they do at home and we discussed how lots of materials can be reused and turned into something new. We have enjoyed studying our library books about fossils this week and watched a small part of the documentary ‘David Attenborough and the big dinosaur’. This inspired us to make our very own dinosaur fossils using a small dinosaur toy to make an imprint in salt dough.

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