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Reception children plant their own bean seeds

Reception children plant their own bean seeds

This week, as part of our ‘space’ topic, Reception have enjoyed watching the Wallace and Grommit animation ‘A grand day out’. We all thought it was very funny that Wallace thought the moon was made of cheese, but we did double to check in our information book just to make sure we were right! In our English lessons we had great fun writing about what we would do if we could be an astronaut for the day! We had to think about meeting aliens, having picnics and counting down to ‘Blast Off’! The children all had a chance to hear each other’s creations as we read our writing out to our classes once we had finished. Towards the end of the week we made the most of the fantastic weather and went down onto the field and planted our own bean seeds. We are excited to see which bean seed shots up through the soil first! With the improving weather, please may we remind you that your child should have a clearly named red or white sun hat in school.

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