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Reception children have a spot-tastic day

Reception children have a spot-tastic day

Happy spotty Friday!! Reception have had a spot-tastic day thinking about 'Children in Need' and we have been very impressed to hear about all of the helpful jobs the children have been doing at home. Making their beds and helping to lay the table and even washing the car, long may it continue! We have been very proud of the children's efforts in helping to raise money for this super charity, well done. Also this week, we have enjoyed investigating shapes. We have been talking about their properties and discussing what makes a pentagon different to a hexagon or an octagon. We have made some super shape monsters and even went on a shape hunt around the playground. Lots of children spotted lots of shapes on our walk down to the village hall. We were surprised at how many we could find - shapes are everywhere! The Christmas play rehearsals are very much underway now, so keep going with learning those lines with loud and clear voices Reception, you are doing an amazing job!

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