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Reception consider ways to measure time

Reception consider ways to measure time

This week the children have been learning the months of the year and the seasons. We have been looking at different ways to measure time and the children thoroughly enjoyed the class challenge of ‘things to do in 1 minute’. How many beads could they thread? How many cubes could they put in to a tower and how many numbers could they write before the minute was up! I have sent home a similar activity for the children to complete over the weekend so I hope they enjoy completing that with you too. We have also listened to the story ‘Dinosaurs and all that rubbish’ by Michael Foreman and have touched on the subject of recycling. The children are now very good at putting the classroom rubbish into the correct bins and you might like to have a look at the recycling bins that you use at home, discussing the different items that go in each one.

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