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Reception children create wonderful dragon masks

Reception children create wonderful dragon masks

Xīnnián kuàilè - or should we say ‘Happy New Year’ in Mandarin! Reception children have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week following on from Mrs Sutton’s assembly which we sadly did not get to perform on Friday due to the snow. On Tuesday this week we enjoyed talking in more depth about the celebrations. We made our own Chinese dragons, had a go at painting some Chinese numbers and even had fun using chopsticks to eat some noodles. Yum Yum!

Our fascination with dinosaurs has continued this week when we went outside to measure how long a diplodocus was using a special instrument called a trundle wheel. We were amazed at just how long he really was! Back in the classroom we continued measuring various items and even how tall we all are. We discussed taller, shorter, longer, shorter and heavier and lighter. We weighed different shoes and compared the weights of a wellington boot, a shoe and a slipper! Perhaps you might like to weigh some objects around your home too. What predictions could you make about each object?

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